Have you had enough of taking pharmaceutical drugs and feeling tired and dull because of it? Have they actually cured anything, or if you stopped taking them, would your symptoms come right back? And what about the endless list of side effects?

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese Herbal Medicine has been used to treat millions of people for thousands of years, making it a truly time-tested solution to many of your health problems.  Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine is the most sophisticated form of natural medicine in the world and can address many common health problems and diseases.

It has it’s own unique form of assessment and diagnosis that takes into consideration you as an individual. With that information, we then create a custom-tailored treatment specific to your needs. By having a different perspective on diagnosis and treatment, Chinese Herbal Medicine can often be of great benefit with chronic, long-term health challenges that stubbornly refuse to resolve with conventional treatments of pharmaceutical drugs.

This is very different approach than what you get with herbal supplements that you buy from a health food store. They are recommended purely upon symptoms and may provide a “hit or miss” effectiveness, and are usually composed of only one herb.  With Chinese Herbal Medicine you will receive a custom compounded herbal formula specifically for you and your unique health challenges. More than likely this formula will be made up of dozens of herbs working together synergistically to resolve your health issues.

The Care Plan approach

Chinese Herbal Medicine is a therapeutic intervention that works through consecutive treatments causing a cumulative healing effect. The effect is cumulative because Chinese Herbal Medicine works with our bodies’ natural physiological processes instead of suppressing them.

Your custom care plan is based on these six factors:

  1. Location. Is your health issue localized or systemic?
  2. Time. How long have you had this health challenge?
  3. Intensity. How severely has your health issue impacted your daily life?
  4. Cofactors. Are there other issues present that may complicate the healing process?
  5. Age. Are there age-related factors that may impact your recovery?
  6. Response. Your body’s response to your initial acupuncture session will help us gauge your rate of improvement.

Treatment phases:

The duration of each of the following phases is determined by the previous six factors:

  1. Relief– 2 to 3 treatments a week
  2. Repair– 1 treatment a week
  3. Prevent– 1 treatment a month, or every other month

Based upon what is uncovered in your Initial Consultation we will recommend exclusively Chinese Herbal Medicine, or a combination of Chinese Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture, Nutritional & Life Skills Coaching and/or Foot Soaks custom tailored to your specific requirements.

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