Attention Pain Sufferer:

 Are you tired of having pain interfere with you Living your Life?

 Start Enjoying your Life Again by Ending your Pain & Suffering with an Affordable, Revolutionary HEAL YOUR PAIN PROGRAM!

It’s remarkable how pain relief can occur in seconds and you’re back doing the things you love sooner than later.

Dear Chronic Pain Sufferer:

We all live busy lives, and when something interferes with that, it can be a real pain the in gluteal. We want to help you get back to work, playing with your kids, exercising, and on the golf course sooner then later.

Our Heal Your Pain Program is a new, breakthrough approach to identifying why your body is refusing to heal your chronic pain, despite you trying different medications, surgeries, injections, acupuncture styles, massage, physical therapy, and supplements.

We have a testing protocol  that will be performed to  definitively determine  if you will be a good candidate for our Heal Your Pain Program. If you are not a good candidate, we will tell you.

This unique treatment protocol has been used since 2015 to provide  pain relief in seconds  for hundreds of patients and retrains your brain to heal your body once again. Our program also includes tools that you can use at home to maintain the results for the rest of your life.

We want to help you play with the children in your life, get back in the game, and stop needing to take  time off from work and school.

The bottom line is that our Heal Your Pain program can restore the quality of your life.

Do you want to spend the next five years worrying about all the things you will be missing out because of your chronic pain?  Or are you going to spend them exploring new hobbies and interests, planning family vacations, playing with your kids and grandkids, and living your life to its fullest?

Imagine being able to plan your daily, monthly, and yearly activities without having to worry about your pain getting in the way. That is what we want for you.

When you find the cause of why your body refuses to heal your pain, and you focus on addressing that cause, side benefits may occur:

  • Better sleep
  • Increased Energy
  • Improved Digestion
  • Improved Mental Acuity and clearing thinking
  • Feeling Calmer and more grounded

You’re probably wondering how much is this all going to cost.

That depends on two main factors: your rate of response to acupuncture and the cause of why your body refuses to heal your pain.  These two factors help us to determine if we can help you, to what extent we will be able to help you, and the investment that’s involved. We say investment instead of cost because when you invest in something you get a return on your investment.

Our New Patient process is setup so that we know very early on, within 7 days, if you would be a good candidate for our Heal Your Pain Program.  You don’t have to go through weeks or months of treatments to only find out that acupuncture won’t fix your pain.  Because we do an extensive initial examination, we will know in your first visit if we can help or not.  If we find that we can’t help you, we will refund your initial exam fee.

That means there’s no way you can make a mistake, it’s RISK-FREE.  We are devoted to helping people regain their joy in life and we want nothing less than happy patients.  If you’re not going to benefit from this program, then we prefer you not start at all.

New Patient Special:
Initial Comprehensive Exam &
Acupuncture Treatment for $99