Do you have sudden, specific cravings that you can’t stop thinking about? After a stressful interaction or day, do you find yourself making a beeline for the drive through or pantry? Are you not sure what to do in the face of uncomfortable emotions such as anger, sadness, or shame?

All of these are signs that you may be an emotional eater.

When we have not yet learned the skills we need to deal with life stress, it’s easy to turn to food.

It’s normal to want to feel better, and eating is a quick, efficient way to get there. Food is very available, and being overfull has an almost immediate effect of numbing both physical and emotional pain, and who wouldn’t want to feel less pain? In the moment, eating seems like a good strategy. Unfortunately, often an hour or two, or maybe a day later, we don’t feel so good about our decision.

At Spring, we use Habit Change Psychology to help you learn how to change your relationship with food for the better in a practical, kind manner.

This means that we work on life skills, mindset, and small, sustainable action steps to create upward spirals.

An upward spiral is when we take an action, and the result feels good, so we want to repeat the action again, to keep feeling better. We work together to create upward spirals in the areas of your life that could benefit from them.

And guess what happens when we have other ways to deal with life stress? We eat less and feel better.

We are with you every step of the way, to help with troubleshooting and strategies.

Health + pleasure can coexist in you.

At Spring we have a set of proven, practical, and simple nutrition guidelines that we work together to adapt to your life. At the same time, we work on coping and mindset skills so that you feel better even as you are losing weight. Say goodbye to restrictive, one-size-fits-all plans that in the long run offer only rebound weight gain. Say hello to finding Food Joy.

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