“I came to Dean & Sarah with a number of issues that have stemmed from a hockey career with many injuries. As an athlete, I have experienced A LOT of different types of care and I have never seen such immediate results from a treatment as I did with Spring ACU.

They have been working with me to reach my goal of running a marathon. They have helped me increase the efficiency of my stride which has helped me to enjoy training more and increase my pace without increasing my heart rate. I even tracked the data and there was a massive difference after my treatment.”

“I am a retired law enforcement officer that has been suffering with neck and shoulder pain plus headaches for more than 5 years.  This all started when I apprehended a drug dealer at an elementary school just as the children were being let out of school.  The suspect was larger than myself and resisted arrest and as I was putting cuffs on him he yanked his arm up and it resulted a severe tear of many of my shoulder and neck muscles. After this injury I began to suffer with very bad headaches, and it seem no matter what I tried I couldn’t get relief.  I went to see Dean Campbell and it was amazing!!  He first asked me where my pain was, I explained to him where it was, he inserted a few acupuncture needles and repeated the same question; to my surprise most of the pain was gone! But the remaining pain had shifted in location, he inserted a couple of more needles and repeated the question, and again more pain had been eliminated. He repeated this a time or two more and when the majority of my pain was gone he stopped and let me rest.  At the end of the treatment I got up off the treatment table and began to cry, for the first time in more than 5 years I don’t have a headache.  I booked several more treatments and now I am living a pain free life due to Dean’s expertise, it feels like a miracle.”

“Thank you Dean and Sarah! After I had been suffering with an acute case of Plantar Fasciitis that kept me away from fly fishing this past year, I followed-up on a friend’s referral to Spring Acupuncture and Wellness. Dean and Sarah zeroed in on the underlaying causes of my foot pain and resolved the problem in a few treatments. The acupuncture treatments were painless and performed expertly by Dean in an atmosphere of total relaxation. I recommend Dean and Sarah to anyone seeking relief from pain with an emphasis on compassion, natural healing and wellness. I’m now looking forward to more great days on the river!”

“I have frequent urinary tract infections, and so I know the warning signs. Before I began working with Dean Campbell I would try to get into see my doctor, and if I could not get in, I would go to urgent care because I have learned that the faster I got on antibiotics, the better, although the antibiotics usually disturbed my digestion. I mentioned all of this in my health history, and Dean suggested that next time I felt a UTI coming on, I come to see him and he would give me an herbal formula to try that would take care of the problem without the digestive side effects. I admit, I was skeptical, but because he had helped me already, I did call and got into see him next time I noticed the first signs of a UTI. To my surprise, within three hours after taking the herbal formula, my UTI was gone. It was faster then antibiotics and there were no side effects. Chinese herbs really work.”

“Sarah and Dean are the rarest type of gem in health care, people who truly care about other human beings, take time to listen and understand the people who come to them, and are highly skilled in applying a range of techniques.”

“Fantastic experiences with Dean & Sarah. It is a kind, comforting & communicative environment. With over 1.5 years of pain & discomfort from a severe heel injury & surgery (in WI) I was looking for relief options that didn’t include drugs (even Tylenol). With Acupuncture treatments, foot soaks & massage I have found it! I am hiking with my dog in most terrain. Dean is constantly striving to learn more about my injury and has been so willing to listen & adjust my care plan as needed. He is very motivated and does a lot of continuing education. I also was having digestion problems and introduced to Chinese Herbs. Dean adjusted the mix just recently to help with a cough I brought back from my travel to WI. Highly recommend Spring Acupuncture! They have so much to offer as they are focused on all around Wellness. The office environment is warm & inviting and the tea is wonderful.”