Been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and want your life back?

Are you tired of being limited physically, much less dealing with the emotional and financial ramifications? The monetary cost of fibromyalgia alone is sobering. If you manage to get insurance coverage, the out of pocket copay can be $1,400 to $2,700 per month. Then there is the cost of hiring people to do the things you cannot do, tasks like yard work, help around the house, and child and animal care. This is $5- $10k per year. And don’t forget the missed work, or the inability to work at all. Let’s call that $30k per year. Add that all up, and having fibromyalgia costs $50,000.00 per year.

Most importantly, this does not even take into account the missed joyful activities and the stress of pushing through the pain on a daily basis.

Okay, that was a bit heavy, but it’s ok. Take a deep breath. There is a way to invest more wisely and get MUCH better results.

There is an incredible program that can ease your symptoms AND give you your life back.

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These five truths of fibromyalgia will help you find out how to get started down the right path. Read carefully as learning these five truths will help you make better decisions when it comes to managing your fibro, and choosing the right treatment program for you.

Truth # 1

Fibromyalgia must be treated in stages.

Fibromyalgia is a complex disorder. It involves several organ systems within the body that all affect each other. When a fibro sufferer tries a remedy, what often what happens is that they begin to feel a little better, then it stops working, and then they try something different with the same result. This happens because the organ systems have not been treated in the proper order, and the cascading effect of the disorder has not stopped, just been interrupted temporarily. For treatment to have lasting results, it must be done in stages in a specific order.

Truth # 2

While there are eight stages of treatment, most people only need to go through four.

The first four stages of our fibromyalgia program are almost always (upwards of 80% of the time) enough to get 80% of your life back. That is enough health and energy to be happy and productive. And let’s be honest, even people who do not have chronic diseases are happy with that percentage of health.

Stage 1 disorders are caused by immune and lymphatic system dysregulation. Symptoms often include cold sensitivity, pain that comes and goes or moves, swollen lymph nodes, allergies, and neck and/or upper back stiffness.

Stage 2 is all about healing the gastrointestinal tract. The state of our gut health has a direct impact on the quality of our minds. The bacteria in our guts produce more dopamine and serotonin than our brains do. Because of that, mental fog and depression are stage 2 symptoms, along with irregular bowels and heavy bodily pain.

In Stage 3 we address stress. We work with cortisol levels and the gasotransmitter nitric oxide. Both of these we need in the proper amounts to function. However, lack of sleep, trauma, and emotional stress cause dysregulation that leads to burning pain, irritability, and easy overwhelm.

Stage 4 Is about increasing circulation and improving the health of the blood itself. In the previous stages, we have worked on regulating the factors that cause many fibro symptoms. Now it’s time to make sure that your circulatory system is working well so that you no longer experience stabbing pain, difficult mornings, and anxiety.

Stages 5-8 are about continuing to rebuild your body, making you stronger and more resilient. As we said earlier, often the first 4 stages are all that is needed because when the body is functioning in balance, good health and energy follow.

Truth # 3

Each stage consists of three components, and they all must be included in order to be successful

The three components each stage must have are:

Herbal therapies

These are in the form of teas, small pills, or occasionally powders. They are all made up and are easy and convenient to take. They are specially formulated to help your body regain its natural balance, with each stage having a specific focus so that your system has the time it needs to properly adapt and strengthen.

Movement and breathing exercises

Each stage has a specific qigong (similar to yoga, but originated in China) movement and breathing exercise that you will practice a few times a day. The movements are simple and can be tailored to any physical needs you may have. In total, this can take under ten minutes per day.


When you make small, simple changes in your behavior and lifestyle, it can have a huge positive impact. The self-care component of this program includes both inner and outer work. Examples are working with mindset, journaling, wearing a scarf, and having a pillow that feels good to your neck.

We want to help you move through each stage in a comfortable and timely manner. Often each stage takes about a month to complete. Sometimes there is a stage that you will need to spend more or less time on, depending on your individual symptoms and how your body responds. We will educate you along the way so that you become empowered to take care of yourself. Our goal is to make health simple.

Truth # 4

This program has an 80% + success rate

Yes, you read that correctly, 80%+ success rate! When clients commit to this program and follow through with taking their herbs, doing their qigong, and taking care of themselves, they begin to feel better in 2-4 weeks, feel 50% better in 6-8 weeks, and after 4 months people say things like, “I have my life back,” and “I wake up without pain.” This is what we want for you.

Truth # 5

We have the education and expertise to support you through this process

Did you know that in China, fibromyalgia is four times less common than it is in the US? That means for every four people that have fibro here, only one person has fibro in China. Why is that? They have denser cities, the air quality is much worse, and more poverty. What do they have that we don’t? The answer is Chinese Herbal Medicine and self-care practices that are an accepted part of their society, unlike in the US where self-care is seen as a luxury.

A group of healthcare professionals set out to bring these herbal formulas and self-care practices to the US. They began to teach other health care professionals so that more fibro sufferers could get help.

Luckily, both of the practitioners at Spring Acupuncture & Wellness have taken training directly from these experts. Our teachers have doctorates in immunology, pain relief, Chinese Herbal Pharmacology, and Chinese Medicinal Theory. With this new knowledge added to our already deep base of years (a combined 50 years) training and certifications, we feel confident and prepared to help you heal.

But let’s be clear- this will be a team effort. We will be here for you every step of the way, prescribing, teaching, listening, and answering any questions you may have to the very best of our ability. What you will bring is a desire to have joy back in your life, a willingness to look inside and change some of your behaviors, and a readiness to try something different. After all, what you want is a different result.

We will be as committed to your health as you are.

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